Tuesday, March 5th 2001

HEY HEY HEY ! Welcome to the NEW VMU HQ.Syngori and I are taking over this site.We intend to make it better than KOF and Segafan did.First thing we will do -VMU GAMES ! :)

-Evil-N 3:-)


OK, these links are to a FF2 nester save (click on the vmi to download the file with your dc, click on the VMS to download with your PC)

This nester save will be put up in the nester section shortly.



-Sega Fan



OK, I think we all know that DcEmu is going nowhere fast. I think it won't last much longer...

The patcher util I discussed below will be released with the source as soon as I can add a few more features. Here is the link to my finished VMI patcher. No readme but you can figure it out.


-Sega Fan



It's about time for an update. I've finished coding a tool (with the help of BurnerO) that can be helpful in organising VMU files. It lets you cange the extension from .001 to any number. That way, new files you download can be used without overwriting the previous files. This is useful for the Smash Pack Loader. The tool can also be used to rename saves (nester, dreamsnes) as long as the file names have the same length.

BurnerO's VMS patching utilities will be made public once DreamSNES saves are supported.

BTW, the typo is staying :)

Also, I've been informed of a tool Crt0 is developing for VMS files. If anyone has any more info on it, please let me know.

-Sega Fan



Just want to clear things up, the upload procedure is still the same, I'm just handling the saves differently. Lots of new saves up today! (including one DreamSNES) Thanks everybody. Please promote this site as much as you can...The more people come, the more saves we will have to share :)

I added a new forum, for people to request saves. Hopefully when people see what others need, they will upload....hopefully

-Sega Fan



I just figured out that tripod won't allow vmi and vms file (they will give you a non-valid html warning page). I will move the files to an angelfire account and see if I can work something out (angelfire works for sure). It should be done before the end of the day.

BIG NEWS! you can use any emulator file on this site even if your rom names are different from mine. Just click on the VMU HQ link to the left and then go to emulator files to find out more.


MONDAY, AUGUST 20th 2001

I'm very disapointed by the number of uploads we have had so far :(

I've put up my Segagen save from Phantasy Star IV. I've also put up a Spawn save from someone else.

If you want me to put up your stuff you NEED to upload it D:

I know my rom names probably don't match yours but you can always rename your roms (lol, yeah right)

I'm sure someone out there knows how to edit a VMS file with a hex editor (to rename the rom save file) this would make it easy for me to make VMS files from the same save but compatible with lots of rom names. If you know how, let me know.

-Sega Fan


FRIDAY, JULY 27th 2001

The Upload procedure is up, you can have a read by clicking here or by navigating to the VMU Downloads. I do not have a DC right now so I could not view the planetweb upload page. If I am missing any info on how to upload to my webspace, e-mail me. Have fun. :o)

As soon as I have a few saves, I will post them for download

-Sega Fan


SUNDAY, JULY 22nd 2001

This is nuts!, already more than 200 hits! OK I know most of you are impatiently waiting for me to start putting up and accepting saves but bear with me for another month. I'm going back home to Montreal soon and then it's camping time...no access to my site. Once things are ready, the pace will quicken and hopefully we'll be up and running smoothly. I updated the staff page. If the staff wants any additional info put up about them, post it in the staff forum. I also need to know your nationality to put up the correct flag next to your name :)

-Sega Fan


THURSDAY, JULY 19th 2001

Hey Hey, I can't believe we already cracked 100 hits! I know most of them are curious people who will not return until I start posting stuff but it's really cool. The forums are primed and modded, have fun posting your messages (I know it`s a pain to register but it`s the only way to post messages I am sure to see) My summer job is almost over and I will be returning to my beloved DC soon!! You can expect saves to go up really soon. (-; <---CRAP I'm starting to use KoF's smilies...noooooooo!

-Sega Fan